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As an occasional visitor to Eaton Bishop over the past several years, I have come to appreciate that events organised by Rosie Robinson tend to be well worth attending.  On 14th March, she organised a tea tasting event, combined with afternoon tea.  In true afternoon tea style, we were served an exquisite array of sandwiches and mini quiches as the first course.

The teas were divided in to three more savoury ones to start with and three sweeter ones.  I didn’t know there was a difference!  We were invited to comment on which ones we preferred.  One had the taste of popcorn, which seemed surreal for a cup of tea!  The pot with that blend remained remarkably full.  Camomile was more popular, but the no-nonsense breakfast brew was in most demand.

The sandwiches were freshly prepared, and as we were enjoying the first course, a small team of elite caterers busily assembled the next array of dishes.  Mini Victoria sponges joined scones and meringues in an array to delight the palate.  It says something for the spread that one guest attended who doesn’t drink tea, being a coffee fan, and was delighted by the fare.

The sweet teas were less enjoyable for me, but the overall experience was first rate.  One aspect of the afternoon was how well Rosie conducted events.  When making arrangements, she visited the head office of Whittard’s of Cheltenham, who supplied the teas.  A barrister was anticipated who would explain the background to each blend and field our questions.  Unfortunately, shortly before the event, it became clear that this would not happen.  Rosie became the MC and did an excellent job.  The event was a sell-out and was a great occasion.  Take a bow, Rosie.